Get in Shape for Free!

The Aspire Power Hour is a one hour per day exercise program which also includes a meditation component. It's a great way to do the optimal maintenance on your body so that you can consistently feel great!

This page is designed like a free (virtual) personal trainer. Each day you click on one of the numbers below and complete all the videos on the page that loads. The combined length of all the videos for each day will be an hour or less. I typically complete the days in numerical order, starting over at day 1 the day after I complete day 8, but they could also be completed in any order of your choosing. 

Our workout program above is completely free to everyone. We also have an additional set of premium workouts available exclusively for our patrons here. These focus on regenerating specific areas of the body if you have location specific pain or soreness. They make a great compliment to our free program.