53 - Improve Your Relationships With These Affirmations

Listen to these Affirmations to Strengthen the Quality of Your Relationships!



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I Am Quick to Praise and Slow to Criticize.

I Treat Others with Respect and Appreciate Their Individuality.

I Take a Moment and Asses Before Reacting.

I Accept That Other People Have Different Opinions Than I Do Sometimes.

I Accept Others for Who They Are.

I Enjoy Talking with Other People.

People Deserve the Chance to Get to Know Me.

I Make a Difference Whenever I Can.

I Practice Patience with Myself and Others.

I am Blessed with an Incredible Family and Wonderful Friends.

I Share My Light with Others at Every Opportunity.

I Surround Myself with People who Treat Me Well.

I Take the Time to Show My Friends and Family I Care About Them.

I Attract Positive, Kind-Hearted People.

I Am Consistently Aware of the Emotional Needs of Those Around Me.


Music Credits

Words by Aspire and John Oden. Music unedited and provided via Creative Commons by the following artists:

Between Worlds by Smiling CynicCC BY 3.0

Red Bird by Dokapi - CC BY-SA 3.0

Antarctica by Audionautix - CC BY 3.0

Shades of Colour by Dokapi - CC BY-SA 3.0

Acoustic Meditation by Audionautix - CC BY 3.0


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