44 - Affirmations for Happiness (Long)

Listen to This Set of Affirmations to Start Your Day Primed for Happiness! This is the 18 minute version. There is also a 3 minute version available here


Audio Version


Written Version


I Love and Accept Myself for Who I Am.

I Am a Happy, Positive Person.

I Treasure Each Moment I Have Been Given.

I Live Each Day to the Fullest.

I Have a Choice About How to React to Any Circumstance.

I Make the Best of Every Situation.

I Look for Humor and Fun in as Many Situations as Possible.

I Enjoy Life to the Fullest.

Happiness is a Choice and I Choose to Be Happy.

My Thoughts are Filled with Positivity.

I Acknowledge My Own Self Worth.

I am an Optimistic Person who Focuses on the Positive.

I am in Charge of How I Feel and Today I’m Choosing Happiness.

I Am Grateful for My Life.

I Feel Joy and Contentment in this Moment Right Now.

I am Happy and Enthusiastic About Life.

I am Optimistic and See the Good Side of Every Situation.


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