40 - Discovering How to Eat for Optimum Health

The Warrior Gardener Diet as an easy to understand metaphor for how to think about eating. 



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Note for Clarification

The “Warrior Gardener Diet” advocated in this episode is distinct from a similar sounding diet called the “Warrior Diet.” We disagree with this other diet for a variety of reasons which are discussed within the episode. 


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External Resources Mentioned or Quoted in Episode

The Study About Carbonated Water Producing Increased Hunger by Stimulating Ghrelin Production

The Video About the Body as an Internal Flame - "The Science of Yoga (Part 4 - Diet)"

The Joe Rogan Podcast Episode about Diet and Ketosis with Nina Teicholz

Links to the Detailed Debate About Veganism

The Centinarians Article About People Who Live the Longest


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