012 - What is the Healthiest Possible Way to Eat?

Learn to eat in a way that is going to put your body in a position to be functioning optimally. How you eat is the #1 factor in how well your body is working and is going to be a key factor in enabling you to feel great on a day to day basis. 

Summary of the 10 Eating Guidelines in the Aspire Diet:

  1. No Fast Food
  2. No Gluten (ie. No Baked Goods)
  3. No Added Sugar; Minimal Honey
  4. No Pastuerized Dairy
  5. No White Rice; No White Potatoes
  6. No Soy
  7. Highest Possible Quality Food
  8. Flexitarian + No Tortured Animals
  9. Nine Hour Eating Window
  10. No / Minimal Alcohol


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Show Notes

Here are some articles and links to further explore the topic of optimal healthy eating:

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