8 - Are Food Forests the Agricultural Technology of the Future?

The food forest concept is integral to Aspire's vision for a better future for us all. But what is a food forest? It's a forest designed by people to specifically emphasize food production. In our model, a food forest is made up of fifteen layers, each of which represents its own biological niche. Together the layers create a diverse ecological system in which the individual components work together to create a more stable, abundant whole. Understanding these layers will enable you to start understanding how to move your immediate surroundings to something more similar to a Garden of Eden situation. Here is a quick summary of the layers in a food forest:

(1) The Emergent Palms Layer
(2) The Canopy Layer
(3) The Sub-Canopy Layer
(4) Oversized Grasses
(5) Shrubs and Bushes
(6) The Herbacious Layer
(7) Runners
(8) Climbers
(9) The Compost Layer on the Ground
(10) Tubers and Root Crops
(11) Below Ground Fungus
(12) The Aquatic Layer
(13) The Pollination Layer (Insects)
(14) The Prey Layer (Animals That Eat Plants)
(15) The Predator Layer (Animals That Eat Animals)

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