9 - Understanding Other Ways of Looking at the World

There are actually a fairly limited number of totally different ways make sense of the world around us and our place in it. Today we explore the details of each of these thinking styles with an eye towards ways to facilitate cooperation towards world betterment and life maximization. For this exploration, we are primarily utilizing a framework called Spiral Dynamics, which is a way of categorizing the general modes of thinking. We think you will find this information to be both interesting and practical by increasing your understanding of what motivates different sorts of people based on their thinking style. 

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Show Notes

We are primarily discussing the book Spiral Dynamics today. 

Our music is made possible by Kevin MacLeod under a creative commons license. 

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We typically create memes to make it easier to share this important information. Click here to access our entire meme database. In this case, we are going to reference some infographics (below) which help provide further details regarding the color meanings in Spiral Dynamics.