6 - Exploring How to End Racism and Build a Better World

Today we are discussing how to build a better world, specifically focused on what would be required to permanently resolve the scourge of racism forever. Part of our mission is to seriously evaluate what would be required to fix these sorts of major structural societal issues. We discuss a specific news event from this week as a lens through which we can evaluate the current state of race is our society and to explore how to create a more harmonious future. We then get into a more general but related discussion of the yin/yang symbol and what that teaches us about the fundamental nature of reality. We hope you enjoy it and that it provokes you to think more deeply about these sensitive but hugely important issues. 


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Show Notes

Here are links to some of our articles which came up during this episode:

Quick side-note: The Hegelian Dialectic is Thesis -> Antithesis -> Synthesis. A couple of times I accidentally said "Synthesis" when I meant to say "Thesis."

Music by Kevin MacLeod, Creative Commons License. 

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