At Aspire, our long term goal is to build happy human communities that regenerate natural ecosystems while providing a variety of nutrient rich and delicious foods. We call this goal the Global Food Forest. We work with nature to provide an abundant, Garden of Eden type situations in an increasing number of locations around the globe. Inhabitants of the Global Food Forest will have easy access to a diverse diet growing all around them. Combined with our core focus of promoting healthy thinking and stable emotional connections with others, we envision a future that is happier and more secure by enabling a new model for close-knit communities. If you want to help build a better tomorrow for our children and their children, click here.

One day the entire world could look similar to this picture, dense with trees and water.

Connecting us to nature and increasing everyone's overall level of health

Creating space for animals and plants to thrive worldwide

Imagine a world where you don't even have to buy food because it is growing all around you with little effort. 

Partnering with nature rather than fighting against it. 

Enabling close-knit, safe communities filled with happy people experiencing connection and purpose. 

Life will be calmer and more relaxed by easily providing for our needs.

More time for fun, less time struggling to survive. 

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