Intensity 9

One of the things I love about Juliana's workouts is how she can give you an intense, full-body, interval workout even if you only have a few minutes. Here is one of my favorites. Although it is only 15 minutes, it is intense and you will get a full workout. 

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

This is my preferred stretch session when my lower back is hurting, 

If you'd like another great session for the lower back, try this one. It's a little more strenuous than this video but also very good.

This page provides yoga for back pain, which is a gentle way for your body to get sciatica pain relief. Yoga for back pain is a simple back pain treatment which includes a gentle set of lower back pain exercises. Whether you are having issues with a herniated disc, leg pain, or back spasms, this gentle yoga session may help with lower back pain treatment. Practicing our yoga for back pain is a great way to chip away at chronic back pain and lower right back pain. We hope you find this helpful!