Do You Need a Happiness Boost?


It's a rainy day as I'm writing this and it got me thinking about different temporary factors that can affect our happiness levels. If you find yourself feeling a little bit unhappy, I think the first question to be asking yourself is: is this a temporary thing? Do I feel unhappy today, unlike most days? Or is unhappiness a more underlying constant condition? That will help you focus in on the factors that are most relevant towards your emotional state. So I just wanted to write a quick article outlining some key factors that can temporarily affect our happiness levels. If you happen to feel unhappy as a short term matter, you can just check these things. They can be useful factors to keep in mind so that you can get to feeling better soon.


Factor #1 is rainy weather. It's actually rainy outside right now. That's what made me think about this. It has been statistically shown that people are happier when the sun is shining, when there's "nice weather." So if you think to yourself: "Oh, I just happen to be a little bit bummed out today" and it happens to be rainy, just remember, hey, the sun is going to come out tomorrow or the sun is going to come out soon. You'll probably be feeling better in no time. Just be a little bit patient with yourself and wait for the weather to change.


Factor #2 is sleep. I actually stayed up a little bit late last night and got a bit less sleep than I typically do. I'm normally very, very good about getting eight hours of sleep. But I stayed up to work on an important presentation that I thought I had today, although it actually ended up being rescheduled. I can definitely feel that my internal brain happiness chemicals are not quite as high as normal. I'm actually going to go take a nap after writing this article.

If you are consistently not getting sleep, I would suggest visiting our sleep section at Aspire and making some overall lifestyle changes. If you just happen to have gotten a bad night's sleep for one night, just be patient with yourself, maybe take a nap, maybe go to bed early tonight. Realize: "Hey, I'm going to be feeling better as soon as I'm rested again."


Factor #3 is good nutrition. If you're feeling bad on more of a consistent basis, I would seriously consider looking at your nutritional regime, both from a perspective of making sure you're getting enough food in your diet and, probably more importantly, making sure that you're getting as many nutrients as necessary for your body to be running optimally. Remember that your body is an incredibly complex machine and it requires a whole host of chemical reactions to run properly. Those chemical reactions can only occur correctly if you have the proper nutrition.

If you don't feel like you're getting quite enough in terms of vitamins, I would highly suggest adding a vegetable juice to your diet. One that I like making is carrot juice plus red cabbage, a variety of baby greens, and one apple. I find that really makes me feel excellent. If I happen to be feeling a little bit down on a temporary basis, I will make a green juice and that will usually correct my mood almost immediately. If you need a juicer, I would recommend this one.

Being Social

Factor #4 is connecting with others. Remember that happiness is statistically correlated with having good connections with other people. If you're feeling a little bit down and it seems to have a bit of a tinge of loneliness to it, go ahead and take some time, just take a break from work, and connect with another person. Contact somebody who you haven't been in touch with in awhile and let them know that you care about them. Go over to your best friend's house, spend time with your pet, or in general do something to connect to another living being. These activities tend to have the effect of increasing oxytocin in our brains, which is going to be a positive for your mood.


An under-rated way to emotionally regulate yourself is using music. I have a playlist that I call "happy" and if I happen to be feeling a little bit down, then I will just load up that playlist and listen to a few songs. Once you know which songs work well for you for emotional regulation, music is an absolutely fantastic way to get your brain frequency moving in such a way that you're going to be feeling much more positive, much more upbeat, and much more energetic.

To build your happiness playlist, notice what songs make you happy as you encounter them in daily life. Note those songs down and create a playlist of those songs over time. Then when you need it, you will have a pre-existing playlist of music which you can very consistently play that's going to put you in a very positive mood.

Concluding Thoughts

There are a number of factors that can influence happiness, but there are also a number of ways that you can provide a quick boost to your happiness. We have tried to outline those in this article. If you have any other suggestions that you use when you're feeling unhappy, please feel free to contact us directly or reply to this article so that we can continue the discussion. I also highly recommend joining our discussion group so that you can get the wisdom of other Aspire listeners and readers who are all very passionate about living the best possible version of their lives. It's a collection of people who all want to live happy, healthy lives. Until next time, this is John Oden, and I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day!