What Would It Be Like to Live in a Food Forest?

Due to the power of the internet, you can tour food forests from around the world right now from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. Join us as we explore example sites that demonstrate these food forest concepts for producing your own food!


5 Year Old Food Forest in New Jersey

This is one of my favorite example food forests because it is in a relatively cold location. Notice the lush feeling of the space, despite a relatively small overall footprint. I think this video captures the experience of walking through a forest while picking food from all around you. Imagine if you lived in a place like this. Would you be healthier? Would you be more secure and comfortable?


13 Year Old Food Forest in Ireland

This next property makes far more extensive use of non-food plants to create the sort of ecosystem in which the food plants will thrive. The result is a highly diverse food forest which is clearly teeming with life based on the sounds in the video. 

I also enjoyed seeing the neighbor's property since it provides a counter-example of what the property would have looked like without the food forest being planted. I did find some of the commentary slightly off-putting, but I think you will agree that the actual garden / food forest in this video is amazing.

Note: if you just want to see the food, you might want to fast forward to the middle of the video. I found the first part to be very informative in terms of context.


20 Year Old Food Forest in Italy

Not only do I love this example site, I really enjoy how the guy emphasizes some ways in which his day-to-day life is better because he lives in a food forest. In my view, the psychological benefits are perhaps as large as the nutritional benefits from this kind of approach. 

I also liked how this garden seemed to be highly organized, yet diverse. It seemed to strike a good balance between order and wildness. 



300 Year Old Food Forest in Vietnam

The video is a little grainy but I felt it was still worth including:


2,000 Year Old Food Forest in Morocco

The oldest food forest in the world of which I am aware is located in Morocco. Here is the best video tour I could find of it. The resolution is a bit low since the video is so old, but I still really enjoyed it. These sites make me think about how much added resiliency is possible with the food forest approach. This is in the middle of the dessert and look at what they have been able to produce!


Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully these videos have helped you to imagine what it would be like to live in your own food forest. I think they convey the sense of plentifulness that I imagine for our future. The videos of the older food forests are a bit lower in quality, but hopefully they demonstrate that these food systems have a resiliency that enables them to last for much longer than "conventional" agricultural fields. I will try to add additional footage to this page as I come across other good example properties. 

Food forests are a concept based upon permaculture. They are a superior option for growing food when compared to something like a vegetable garden. Urban Farming is easiest when a forest garden approach is utilized. Organic gardening is a great way to grow your own food and permaculture design via the food forest model is an excellent approach. This article will inspire you when thinking about creating a forest garden. You might also want to check out our articles about food forest design.