In Case You Need a Quick Easy Healthy Snack

I enjoy this recipe both when I want a quick snack and when I want a tasty side dish for one of my meals. It's healthy and easy to make, so I end up eating it frequently. I derived this recipe spring boarding off of my memories of how my dad used to eat his tomatoes when I was a kid. 


Preparation Time

2 to 3 minutes.  



One serving.







1) If using small tomatoes, slice them in half. If using a large tomato, cut the tomato into strips. 

 We grew these in our garden

2) Drizzle with olive oil.

3) Add a bit of salt to each piece and tons of black pepper. You basically cannot put too much black pepper. 

4) Drizzle with sweet balsamic vinegar (optional but awesome). 

5) Enjoy!

This is one of many recipes we have on our site for healthy snacks. We provide a variety of healthy recipes so you and your family can eat healthy food. Healthy meals can be difficult if you don't have healthy food recipes. I use this one for having a healthy breakfast. No matter what your diet plans, healthy dinner recipes like this one will help you stay on track with eating healthy meals. We wish you luck on your weight loss diet!