How to Make Your Own Fire Starters

We do a lot of cooking outside on the grill during the summertime. A few weeks ago, I noticed my housemate was using these store-bought fire starters which seemed to be industrially produced from non-organic materials. It made me wonder if I could make something better and potentially healthier. Then I remembered a recipe from some rancher friends in Montana which uses clean materials from around the home. I tried it out and it worked great!

I also liked that this project allowed me to recycle some materials that I didn't have a good use for otherwise.



Project Time Requirements

Minimal. If you have the materials ready, it takes five to ten minutes to make the DIY fire starters.  


Targeted Results

Twelve fire starters. You could easily make more at one time if needed. 


Materials Needed

  • 1 Empty Egg Carton
  • Lint from Your Dryer (ideally after you wash a load of clothes made from natural materials like cotton)
  • Bacon Grease (or other waste grease from the kitchen)



  • A Lighter or Matches



1) Begin with an empty egg carton. 



2) Fill each egg slot with lint from the dryer. 


3) Pour bacon grease over the lint so that each piece of lint soaks up some of the grease. (Note: if the grease is not liquid, heat it up slightly to turn it back into a liquid first). 


4) Close the egg carton and store by the grill or the fire pit in a place that won't get wet. (Note: it's normal for the grease to partially soak into the egg carton. This is fine.) 



5) When ready to start a fire, cut out one of the individual egg slots. That's your fire-starter. 



6) Prepare your grill or fire pit, with the fire starter on the bottom, and then light the fire starter. Your fire should be ready in a few minutes!