Update from Our Example Property in Atlanta

A little over a year ago, one of my friends said that I could plant a food forest in his front yard. I then temporarily moved to Atlanta so that I could live on the property and oversee the project. It's been a great learning experience so far and we've made significant progress over the last year. 

Front Yard and Back Yard

The front yard is going to be a food forest, primarily focusing on fruit trees. I'm expecting this to create a pleasant, forest-like effect once mature. We planted some trees last year and some trees this year, all of which were already grown out at the nursery, so the property is starting to fill in nicely. 

In the back yard, the long term plan is to create a water garden full of fish and then to build an aquaponics garden around that for the plants. We haven't gotten to that stage yet. In the meantime, we're growing an annual garden in tubs filled with water (we pump air through the water using an air pump and air stones). It's certainly not ideal, but as a stop-gap solution, it's proving very effective. 

Here's a detailed video tour of the outside of the property as of now:


Indoor Book Case Garden for Sprouts and Greens

We have had better luck growing sprouts and greens indoors than outdoors. The outdoor plants seem to get bitter very quickly. In contrast, the indoor plants are growing very fast without having the bitterness problem.

Our indoor garden is a four-shelf bookcase, bolted to the window. On each shelf, we have two long planter boxes that fill with aerated water from a reservoir on the ground level. 

As you can tell from the video, the air pump running the unit is a bit loud. As a result, we are attempting to redesign the garden with a different type of pump which we think will be quieter. 


Our Smaller Sprouter

You might also remember our previous sprouter design, the Industrial Seed Sprouter. It's still working great as well. To make room for the bookshelf garden, we moved the Industrial Seed Sprouter outside onto our dining area as a table centerpiece. 



An Interesting Trellis at the Neighbors' House

We also wanted to document an interesting trellis that we noticed at our neighbors' place. We thought it was beautiful and very functional. The green beans planted below it should climb this structure very nicely.


Thank you for joining us on our property tour! We look forward to updating you as the project moves forward. As always, if you have any questions please do contact us here

This garden tour includes raised garden beds, a vertical garden, as well as an indoor garden. We also have the more traditional herb garden, which is a type of vegetable garden which utilizes square foot gardening. Our home garden also uses an interesting container gardening approach which includes a hydroponic garden. We think this is a great example of urban gardening.