What is Instantiation?

In this week's podcast, I mentioned a word called "instantiation" and explained what it means to me. I think this is a key word and I want to be sure our readers are aware of it. 

In my mind, the term "instantiation" or "to instantiate" means creating something real in the world from something which previously only existed in thought.

This is an important word because it helps us understand the specific mechanism by which change happens in the world. I found a variety of definitions online and many of them were quite confusing. I found Google's definition to be the most appropriate to how we want to be using the word:

 Source: Google search for "Define: Instantiate"

Source: Google search for "Define: Instantiate"


So a thought which becomes real, which has an instance, is instantiated. To take a thought and to turn that thought into something real in the world. Now we have a useful word to help focus our minds on idea implementation. The ideas that change the world are the ones which actually instantiate into reality. Ideas in your head that never actually affect reality are not as important as those which spur action.