How to Throw Out Industrial Soaps and Cleaners

In my home, I try to use clean household products which are good for the earth and for my personal health. Industrialized household cleaners may be poisoning you and your family. Your choice in household products is important because you spend so much of your time at home. This quick guide will help you choose the healthy option for your basic home products while also focusing on practicality and affordability. You don't need to be buying super expensive products in each major category. Instead, buy fewer products and use them for many different purposes within your home.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter is what I use for my skin. Skin directly absorbs toxins, so Shea Butter is a safe alternative to moisturizers and creams. I apply the Shea Butter to any area of my body with dry skin and the nutrients from the Shea Butter seem to generally fix the problem within a day. I apply it under my eyes if I haven't slept well. You can use it anywhere on your body that needs a little extra nutrient boost. I even sometimes apply it to scabs and partially healed cuts, although I do not actually know if this is a good idea or not. The internet says it's good for healing cuts but if any of our readers have an MD and would like to provide their opinion, please contact us here

For my Shea Butter needs, I like the Alaffia brand, which provides certified fair trade and vegan products. Alaffia also operates a lot of cool programs to make the world better. They plant trees. They distribute bicycles. They provide educational programs and maternity care in Africa. Since the Shea Butter is sourced from Africa, Alaffia targets improving the lives of people in that area. It's all very cool and I like to support them with my money.

Castille Soap in Liquid Form

Castille Soap is my general, all-purpose household cleaner. I wash my hands with it. I mop the floor with a diluted mixture of it. I wash my clothes with it instead of laundry detergent. For this reason, I usually buy it by the gallon because each load of laundry takes about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of the Castile Soap. If you aren't familiar, Castille Soap is basically what you call soap when it doesn't have a bunch of chemical additives in it. If you look at the ingredient list of something like standard hand soap, you will probably be horrified to learn that the ingredients are almost all industrialized chemicals rather than natural ingredients. When you read the ingredient list for Castille Soap, you will understand all the items, most of which are plant extracts. 

Here's a simple experiment. Switch over to Castle Soap as your laundry detergent for one month. Then, try your "normal," chemical detergent again. You will probably notice an irritating chemical residue all over your clothes from the old detergent. I find this residue completely intolerable and I suspect you will start only using the Castille Soap once you try this experiment. 

African Black Soap (Charcoal Soap)

For Black Soap, I usually buy the small container with the pump dispenser which I then refill using the larger size container of soap. Black Soap looks like "normal" hand soap except it has a darker coloration which is caused by the charcoal inside the soap. Black Soap is essentially liquified charcoal. Charcoal makes a great soap because it has these amazing properties where it can absorb bacteria and dirt at the microscopic level. 

I use Black Soap for my bathing and shaving needs. I use it instead of shampoo. I use it instead of shaving cream. Sometimes I use it for hand soap if I happen to be out of the Castille Soap at the time. Compared to the Castille Soap, the Black Coap is more gentle on the skin, which is why I prefer it for direct application on my body. I typically purchase the Alaffia brand for my Black Soap as well, for the same reasons described previously. 

Go Green, Save Money

Yes, clean products which are safe to use around your children do cost a bit more. But you can use a relatively limited number of clean products to replace a myriad of unhealthy household products at the same time. Just Castille Soap by itself can replace essentially all of your household cleaners. The goal is spending less money overall but also getting a cleaner, healthier existence for you and your family. 

We hope this has been a helpful introduction into how to "go green" in your house without breaking the budget. If you have questions or feedback, please contact us here. Have a great day!

This article is about eco friendly cleaning products, also known as Green Clean. Natural cleaning products are a great way to keep your family healthy by avoiding unncessary exposure to toxins and chemicals. Green cleaning products are some of the most important green products, in fact they are very environmentally friendly products. Green cleaners, which are also called natural cleaners, make some of the very best household cleaning products. Eco friendly cleaning products are all natural cleaning products which you could think of as eco friendly cleaning products. We like to use environmentally friendly products in our home because it makes us feel good to use non toxic cleaning products.

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