Our List of the Most Useful Kitchen Appliances


With so many options for kitchen gadgets, it can be a little overwhelming to decide which ones will be the most useful to you. This article provides some suggestions regarding which kitchen appliances we consider to be the most important, as well as specific brand recommendations for each of these appliances. This could also be useful as a wedding registry or for someone starting out on their own, trying to figure out where to start in terms of sequencing out your purchases. Kitchen stuff is expensive, so you'll probably have to prioritize and acquire these items over time. For each appliance, you can click the picture to see more information about the item or to order it. 

I didn't even know these existed until I lived in Europe, where seemingly everyone had them. It's just a little pitcher that you fill with water, press the button, and it boils the water for you. I primarily use mine for making tea and coffee, although there are many uses for it. One less obvious use is breathing in the steam through your nose if you are feeling congested. I strongly recommend a stainless steel variety rather than a plastic variety. I'm recommending the electric version where you press a button to get the hot water rather than the kind you use on top of the stove. The "press a button" version is way easier and faster to use. 

A Water Filtration System

Water is going to be a main ingredient in many things you cook. To keep yourself healthy, it makes sense to use the cleanest water possible. If you are in a rented space such as an apartment, we would recommend using one of the Zero Water Filtration Pitchers. Your Zero Water system will easily produce the cleanest water you have ever experienced before. If you do own your home, though, we prefer installing a Reverse Osmosis system since it also produces the highest quality water but you don't have to manually refill it. Instead, the Reverse Osmosis system gets installed under your sink so you can have a tap that always produces clean water. We have one and it's great! I still keep my Zero Water pitcher as well for when I travel, though. 

Your blender is going to enable you to increase your greens consumption by allowing you to make delicious smoothies. However, your blender needs to be strong enough to shred frozen fruit, so you need a fairly powerful one, which is going to cost you. I know people swear by the Vitamix, although I prefer the Waring because I like using glass instead of plastic when possible. 



Expresso Maker or AeroPress

Most of us take our coffee very seriously and I am no exception. I also like my coffee really strong, so I prefer to use some sort of expresso maker rather than a drip coffee system. My favorites are the stainless steel stove-top expresso makers or the AeroPress, which uses water from the kettle. 

It's just so much easier to make rice and quinoa in a rice maker instead of in a pot on the stove. It saves you the time of having to watch the stove and ensures you get an evenly cooked, non-burned finished product. If you've never tried a rice maker before, please treat yourself. You will thank me. 



Weather permitting, the best way to cook meat and many vegetables is outdoors on a charcoal grill. The smoke from the charcoal infuses the meat with a delicious taste which is not attainable using other cooking methods. I would specifically avoid the Weber grill that most people seem to buy. Yes, the Weber is cheap but ours rusted so badly that one of the legs collapsed while it was full of burning hots coals. Not a good user experience! Now we're using the KitchenAid Cart-Style Charcoal Grill and it is amazing. One nice thing about having a larger grill is that you can easily cook a week's worth of meat at one time, potentially saving you a lot of meal preparation time each week versus cooking each dish separately. 

I actually buy my coffee pre-ground. I use the coffee grinder to shred up dried herbs to make really high quality organic herbals teas for cheap. I use it to shred nettle for nettle tea. I use it to shred hibiscus for hibiscus tea. You get the idea. If you like herbal tea or would like to get into drinking non-cafiated herbal teas, the coffee grinder will quickly pay for itself versus spending the extra money buying expensive pre-bagged herbal teas. 


It's great to have a juicer so you can make fresh juice to drink directly or to use as an ingredient in your kitchen creations. I use watermelon juice in my kombucha brewing, for example. 

What I learned with juicing is that the key thing is easy cleanup. If it's hard to clean up after you juice, you will never do it. Keeping this in mind, I highly recommend Hurom juicers. They are easy to clean and they create a super high quality juice. The Huron is a masticating juicer, which means it juices slowly in a way that mimics the chewing motion. Many other juicers use a fast spinning blade that damages the overall quality of the juice while paradoxically producing less juice. 

Dehydrating is an awesome way to make healthy snacks out of fresh fruits and vegetables. It's probably the most under-rated way to eat healthily. We use the Gourmia and it's completely amazing. I would like to find a model that uses less plastic, but as of yet I have not located one. In the longterm, I plan to potentially build my own solar powered dehydrator. 

Food Processor

(Nice to Have But Not Required)

I mainly just use ours for making dog food, but I'm told that a Food Processor is useful for making soups and a variety of other dishes in the kitchen. It's something I'm looking forward to exploring how to use in more detail at a later time. My house-mate thinks it's the #1 most important appliance in the kitchen, so I thought I should include it here. 

Over-Rated: Electric Mixer

Electric mixers are mainly useful for preparing baked goods. This is one of the main categories that gets radically de-prioritized if you try our suggested diet. Baked goods sneak a lot of sugar into the food while also including possible sources of inflammation such as gluten and dairy. If you do want an electric mixer, though, clearly the best product is the KitchenAid. Mine works very well, I just don't use it that often. 


Also Consider: A Large Wok

It's not really a kitchen appliance, but it's so critical for my cooking needs that I thought I should include it here anyway. Almost everything I cook indoors is prepared in my large steel wok. It's easy to make a lot of food in one and you don't have to expose yourself to those creepy nonstick surfaces. 

Extravagant But Awesome: Sous Vide + Vacuum Sealer + Panini Press

If you want to go completely over the top, here is what you need to create perfectly cooked meat via the Sous Vide method. The Sous Vide method involves vacuum sealing the meat in a bag and then placing it in water. The water is heated to the precise temperature for optimal cooking via the Sous Vide machine. When perfectly cooked, you pull out the meat, take it out of the bag, and then sear it on the Panini Press to give it the appetizing outside coloration and grill marks. The result is a perfectly cooked steak or other meat which is tender and juicy on the inside and deliciously seared on the outside. We'll publish detailed instructions for how to do this in the near future. 

Final Thoughts

It takes time to build up the tools for a great kitchen. Hopefully this article has given you some good ideas, as well as helped you think about how to potentially prioritize the order of your purchases. For those getting married or otherwise purchasing many items at once, this list can help you focus on the items which will be of the most use to your over the long term. Have a great one and enjoy your cooking experiences!

This is an article about the best kitchen appliances for your home. Home appliances, especially kitchen accessories, are key to enabling you to cook healthy food in your kitchen. We recommend a number of specific electrical appliances in this article, specifically focusing on small appliances.