How to Make Quinoa Cheap and Easy

If you want an easy way to start eating in a healthier manner, I suggest replacing rice with quinoa in your diet. Why do we eat rice? Because it's easy to make, it makes a large volume of food, and the food fills you up effectively. Unfortunately, white rice also breaks down into sugar in your body, which is not ideal for your health. In contrast, quinoa is also easy to make but doesn't turn into sugar in your body. I really enjoy the light feeling in my stomach that it creates. I feel full, but not bloated like I do when I eat too much rice. This is my simplest, easiest quinoa recipe for those who want to try it. I often make this one when I'm too busy for something more involved but I still want to make enough food to last me for a few meals. 


Preparation Time

10 minutes of active preparation. It takes about an hour overall to let the rice maker prepare the quinoa but this doesn't require any attention on your part.  



Three servings. The recipe can easily be doubled if you want more food.  



  • 1 Cup Rainbow Quinoa (you may substitute either red quinoa or white quinoa if necessary)
  • 1 Large Tomato or a Handful of Cherry Tomatoes
  • 1 Garlic Clove Worth of Fresh Peeled Garlic (I use pre-pealed garlic. It's so much easier than prepping it from clove of garlic. I do not use pre-minced garlic because the healthy components activate when garlic is cut. You want the kind which comes in individually wrapped, sealed packets). 
  • Green Onions (about half of a bunch or three individual plants) 
  • 1 Lemon or Lime
  • Water, ideally filtered. 



  • A Rice Maker. (It's possible to make quinoa without a rice maker, but it's more of a pain and requires more of your attention for a longer period of time)
  • A Cutting Board (I prefer bamboo or wooden versus the crappy plastic one shown in these pictures)
  • A Pairing Knife 
  • A Mixing Bowl (preferably stainless steel or glass rather than plastic)
  • A Hand Held Citrus Juice Press (optional)



1) Add 1 cup of dry quinoa to the rice maker.

2) Add 2 cups of water and then press the "white rice" button on the rice maker (sometimes it's the "cook" button depending on the model). 

3) Wait until the rice maker finishes cooking the quinoa. Most machines make a sound and then the light switches from "white rice" or "cooking" to "warm."

4) Remove the inner bowl from inside the rice maker and pour/scoop the quinoa into a mixing bowl. 


5) Dice the tomatoes and add them to the bowl. 

6) Dice the garlic and add it to the bowl. 

7) Cut up the green onions and add them to the bowl. 

8) Mix the ingredients together in the mixing bowl. 

9) Cut a lemon or a lime into wedges and squeeze one or two of the wedges over the contents of the mixing bowl. Alternatively, if you have a hand-held citrus press, cut the lemon or lime in half and then press the juice into the bowl (shown here). 

10) You are ready to serve! Scoop the quinoa into serving bowls and enjoy!


This is a good recipe to take to work for lunch because it stores easily and reheats well. I usually use pyrex bowls with lids for this purpose. 

This is one of our best quinoa recipes. It's sort of like a quinoa salad, but without the greens. There are many recipes for quinoa, but we think this is one of the best. Quinoa protein is one of the purest sources of plant protein. We far prefer it over rice. Red quinoa is an option, although here we are suggesting you use rainbow quinoa. Organic quinoa is really delicious and it's a great grain to have in your diet. To summarize, we are showing the reader an easy recipe for quinoa. We expect it to be very popular. This is also a vegan recipe and a vegetarian recipe. Vegan recipes can be really yummy if you know how to make them correctly. Vegetarian meals are part of a vegan diet and we think this recipe is way better than, say, tofu recipes. This is really good vegan food. Actually, its one of the very best vegetarian recipes. It's one of our easy vegan recipes that works well served for dinner. We look forward to bringing you more healthy vegetarian recipes in the future!

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