How to Become the Author of Your Own Future

It's so easy to be reactive to all that life throws at you, rather than being proactive and telling life what you want from it. You can either follow your present course or you can choose to intentionally design your own best possible future.

I recently became aware of an approach to lifestyle design called life authoring, which is also known as future authoring. Life authoring is the concept that you can be the author of your own life. Writing can be a tool to help enable you to hone in on your exact values, desires, and goals. In doing so, you explore yourself and optimize your plans for the future. 

If you have a clear vision of your future, you are more likely to get the type of life that you want. From what I've read, the more you can do to make your mental experience of your future as specific as possible, the more likely you are to actualize that best version of your future. To that end, we have designed a free tool which will enable you to explore yourself and to get more clear with yourself about what you really want for your life. 

This page is really about lifestyle design (as inspired by the original creator Tim Ferriss, also known as Timothy Ferriss) in the sense of providing a specific tool to help someone create their own personal development goals. It's really lifestyle by design. This is a way to design your lifestyle, your ideal lifestyle.