Start Your Day Out Right with a Quick Breakfast Smoothie

I like to start my day with this smoothie because it's quick and easy while providing me with a solid nutritional foundation for my day. I tend to also make this one when my house-mate is sleeping since it can be made silently without a blender. 


Preparation Time

2 minutes. 


One serving. 



  • A spoon


1) Fill the glass around 75% full with water. 


2) Add one heaping spoonful of Perfect Food. 


3) Add one heaping spoonful of hemp protein. 


4) Add one heaping spoonful of Vega Vanilla.


5) Stir until powder is dissolved. 


6) Drink and enjoy! Your healthy day is now underway =)

Note: the hemp protein tends to sink to the bottom of the glass. When the glass is mostly empty, I either stir again or swish the glass around in a clockwise fashion. Either of these will get the hemp powder mixed back into the liquid for easy consumption.