Smoothie of Badassery

I designed this smoothie to be the most healthy thing you could possibly put in your body. I call it the Smoothie of Badassery because I feel like a badass when I drink it. 

Sometimes I drink one for breakfast before my morning walk. Sometimes I drink one before or after my workout to give my body the components to build itself up. Sometimes I use this smoothie as a meal replacement if I want something easy and I don't feel like cooking. It tastes completely fine but I still try to gulp it down rather than to sip on it. Often I get a noticeable improvement in how my body and mind are feeling within a half hour of drinking this shake. 


Preparation Time

2 minutes once you get used to making it. 


One serving. 



  • A small cheapie blender that blends in a drink cup. 
  • A large spoon from your eating utensils (not a serving spoon). 


1) Fill the blender with water until it is 65%-75% full. 


2) Grab your large eating spoon. The serving size on all the powders is a heaping spoonful, basically as much as you can possibly fit onto your large spoon. 



3) Add a heaping spoonful of Goji Powder. Goji is considered by many to be the most nutrient dense food on earth.


4) Add a heaping spoonful of Ground Flax Seed. Flax seeds are packed with antioxidants called lignans, omega-3 essential fatty acids ("good" fats), and lots of fiber to assist your digestive system. 


5) Add a heaping spoonful of Baobab Powder. Baobab is the most nutrient dense food that grows on the African continent. It's the unprocessed raw nut from the "Tree of Life."


6) Add a heaping spoonful of Perfect Food Powder. Perfect Food provides you with a very wide mix of different greens, plus fermented sprouts and probiotics. This is the best overall greens mix I have found. A lot of the other competing products have a bunch of cheap fillers, but from what I can tell Perfect Food is simply pure goodness.

(Note: Perfect Food is also available in pill form, which is handy when traveling but not directly relevant to this recipe. You want the powder.)



7) Add a heaping spoonful of LIVfit Plant Protein. I like plant protein a lot because you get the protein without the unhealthy fat you would get in meat. This product is basically pea protein and quinoa protein plus inulin, which is a prebiotic. A prebiotic is a food for the good bacteria in your stomach that cooperates with the probiotics in the Perfect Food. 


8) Add a heaping spoonful of Hemp Protein. Hemp Protein is a complete plant protein which contains all the essential amino acids. 


9) Add a scoop of coconut oil. The coconut oil determines how sweet the smoothie is, so experiment until you find precisely how much you like to add. Coconut oil is essentially pure "good fat." It contains MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), which are a very clean burning fuel for your body. 


10) Put the lid on and blend it up!


11) If there is room at the top, add more water until the blender is full and re-blend. 


12) Drink your smoothie and enjoy feeling great!