Strawberry Salad

I really enjoy this salad as a fast and easy meal. It has a pleasant lightness to it which is quite noticeable compared to some of my other salads. At the same time, it is sufficiently hearty to serve as a stand-alone meal.  


Preparation Time

5 minutes. 


Makes one individual meal-sized serving as described here. You could easily split the salad to serve as an appetizer or scale up the recipe to serve multiple people entree-sized portions. 




1) Grab two large handfuls of baby spinach and put them in a large bowl. 

2) Add a handful of pecans.

3) Dice the strawberries and add them to the bowl. 

4) Mix the ingredients. I typically just use my hands for this.

5) Drizzle the salad with olive oil.

6) Drizzle the salad with sweet balsamic vinegar.

7) Add a pinch of sea salt. 

8) Serve and enjoy!



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