The Story of the Deferred Life Plan

Photo by cdwheatley/iStock / Getty Images

Rob was an adult with a normal job and big dreams to one day live his life sailing in the Caribbean. 

Every day, Rob worked and worked and worked. He wasn't very happy with his day to day life. In fact, he found it to be boring and tedious. Sure, he put up with his job and put up with all the typical irritations that went along with it, but nothing got him excited like his dream of one day living in the Caribbean. 

In fact, at one point Rob got enough money together to buy a small sailing business in the Caribbean that his son got to run. But Rob stayed behind, where he was. He was mired in financial obligations. He felt like he needed to keep his job so the family could have financial stability. 

Still, Rob dreamed of the day when he would get to live in the Caribbean, sailing every day. This dream of eventually having what he wanted made his life pretty palatable. 

Then one day Rob got cancer and died soon thereafter. He never moved to the Caribbean.

The end. 

The moral of the story is that you need to find a way to live your life for today. If you live your life for tomorrow, tomorrow might not come.