What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's basically a way for you to get your fresh produce directly from an organic farm rather than from the grocery store. We really enjoy our CSA because the food is much fresher than we can obtain at retail stores.

Joining a CSA is like buying an ownership share in the next season's crop. You get a box of food every single week for the entire season. The contents of the box are completely different from week to week, which adds a fun surprise element to each pick up. Our pickup location is actually within walking distance of our home at the neighborhood church. 

The majority of CSA programs focus on the main growing season from spring to early fall. Since it's winter as I'm writing this, we are actually participating in a winter CSA right now which primarily provides us with food grown in large greenhouses on the farm. Here's a recent picture of the contents of one of our CSA boxes:

Other CSA Items.jpg

I still remember how delicious those orange tomatoes were! Anyway, as you can see, we get a nice variety of vegetables, with an emphasis on the leafy greens. Later in the winter, this shifted to more of an emphasis on root crops like carrots. Our CSA has a separate program for eggs, so we get two dozen each week automatically. They also occasionally have special offers for other items such as apples, cheeses, and mushrooms. 

In case you get something in your box that you simply do not want, or in case you want two of something rather than one, our CSA has a swap box. You can trade any item from your box for an item from the swap box. 

Probably the coolest part of being a member of a CSA is feeling like your money is directly supporting farmers who are growing good food. I also really enjoy being able to see pictures and video from the farm, so I get a much better sense of how my food is being grown. I thought the following video was a fun inspiration piece about the CSA we use that was put together by some students in our area.