Start Your Yoga Journey Here

Start your yoga journey with us now! Yoga is an amazing way to destress while feeling physically healthier and more full of life.

A lot of people who are new to yoga can get intimidated by going in to a yoga studio. Others simply do not have the time to fit an extra outing into their day. That's why I personally prefer to do my yoga at home. I wear some loose fitting pants such as pajama pants and I have an area of my room where I can easily lay out a yoga mat.

I think it's really helpful to pick one time during your day and to make the commitment to do some kind of yoga every single day at that time. This will help you get into the habit of automatically doing yoga, rather than having to work up the mental energy for each session. 

Make the commitment to yourself right now to do a few minutes of yoga at the same time each day. You will experience the benefits for yourself almost immediately!

I do my yoga at 6 pm every night. This provides my mind with a demarcation point between work time in the afternoon and wind-down time in the evening. The result is deeper relaxation during my off-time after yoga and a better overall night's sleep.  

One of my favorite yogis is Julianna from Boho Beautiful. She makes upbeat videos that are easy to follow, typically filmed in locations with significant natural beauty. Our yoga series is meant to help you build up your yoga practice from an accessible starting point. The first videos will be short and beginner friendly as we progress to longer and more difficult sessions. 

This first video is a short, beginner-friendly yoga session. I suggest watching and following along with this video each evening for one week (or longer if you prefer) before continuing to part 2 of this series. Remember that establishing a consistent practice is far more important than learning any one particular move or style of yoga. We will work up to more difficult sessions later. Enjoy!